Best Replica Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Automatic Watch Review

Patek Philippe replica watches launched its main ladies series Twenty-4 in 1999 19 years ago. At that time, the quartz revolution occupied the dominance of quartz for two decades, killing most of the smaller Swiss mechanical luxury replica watch manufacturers, and the mechanical revolution was just beginning to reappear.

Replica Twenty-4 Automatic Watch

Most ladies’ replica watches are still quartz, and manchette bracelet watch design is supreme. Fast forward to 2018, this is a completely different world of watches, and the new Twenty-4 is the perfect modern ladies watch – that is, it is actually completely different from the original watch. It has a mechanical automatic movement, which is 10 mm larger than its predecessor and is circular. The only link of the new Twenty-4 replica that is similar to the original is the bracelet. The link design is the same, but it is tapered, which is more suitable for round ladies’ watches.

Twenty-4 Ref. 7300 is indeed a new best replica watch, not a redesign. It contains the automatic movement 324 SC with date display and scanning seconds. The original quartz movement is only a few hours and minutes. Another major change is the font. The original is marked at 6 and 12 o’clock and two Roman numerals. Although it looks a lot like the digital font on the pilot watch Ref, the new font still uses a font that has never been seen on the luxury replica Patek Philippe ladies watch plus Arabic numerals.

7234, which shows that Patek has worked hard to make it a sportier and more everyday watch than the classic wearable AAA replica watch.This is the original Twenty-4 still present today. The new Ref. 7300 cannot replace the original Ref. 4910, there is a reason. Ref. 4910 is one of Patek Philippe’s best-selling products.

Best Replica Patek Philippe Twenty-4 7300/1450R Haute Joaillerie Ladies’ Watch

Last fall, Patek Philippe replica watches reinvented its main women’s clothing line Twenty-4. This is a launch worth celebrating. As a follow-up measure, the brand has now added the high-end jewelry model Ref. 7300 / 1450R.

Twenty-4 7300/1450R Haute Joaillerie Ladies’ Replica Watch

“High Jewelry Twenty-Four Automatic” best replica watches’ jewelry is 18k rose gold and is completely paved with diamonds set with “random” diamonds, which is the so-called “snowflake setting”, which means that the diamonds are not actually completely random- “Random” refers to the multiple sizes of diamonds used in this setting. In fact, diamond setting is carefully planned and executed to accommodate diamonds of various sizes. As a result, irregular flashing occurs when various sizes are mixed together in pavé setting, such as sunlight bounces off snow.

The new Twenty-4 has the same round baton pointer as the original 4910, but they are larger and overall readability is enhanced. And there is another big difference: both the pointer and the numbers of the 7300 are illuminated, which is another excellent design feature that is more in line with the requirements of sports cheap replica watches. The size of the case is also very modern. Its diameter is 36 mm, which is relatively small compared to the original size of 25.1 mm. By the way, Patek Philippe replica watches has been constantly improving its models, but this in no way means that the old model has any defects.

The new luxury replica watches include stainless steel models with blue sunburst or gray sunburst dials, and three 18k rose gold options with brown sunburst or “silver” dials, with a silk-like crisscross finish.