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In 1851, two watchmakers from Poland and France joined the innovation team and their goal was to produce innovative watches. Today, the vision of Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe is a global brand and is considered one of the most famous watch manufacturers in the world. Since its inception, Fake Patek Philippe Watches have been one of the most sought after brands. Two of the most famous customers are Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

In addition to the rare and time-honored timepieces, Patek Philippe has created timeless styles for men and women. The designs and functions are suitable for personal tastes and requirements. From the movement of the “Noirius” to the luxurious, diamond-studded Calatrava, Patek Philippe Replica may be the perfect watch you have been looking for. The online auction aggregator Barnebys guides us by selecting Patek Philippe watches.

New or old?

There are nearly 200 years of watch production. It is not surprising that there are a large number of Patek Philippe watches on the market. The prices of these watches range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars, and prices are usually higher, but they do not always reflect the increase in age. For example, Calatrava from the 1950s to the 1960s was usually offered by dealers for 5,000 to 15,000 U.S. dollars. The pre-sale models before 2010 were priced at about 10 U.S. dollars. 30,000 U.S. dollars. There are indeed some very rare vintage models, but an older watch can be accompanied by the hassle and cost of repairs and maintenance, which means that an updated model can be a safer, more reliable alternative.

Rare or more common?

Although Henry Graves and Cheap Patek Philippe Replica 1518 are rare examples of outstanding performance at the auction, the prices of these watches are of course uncommon, unusable and expensive. – This is something few people can afford. The more readily available timepieces are Patek Philippe’s most popular and common styles, available at auctions and dealers. However, the availability of these models does not mean they are unattractive. The Nourisur – this is a steel sports watch launched in 1976, is the favorite of the actor Brad Pitt, it has become one of the enduring, popular series, It can be your next reliable wrist mate and costs only $4,000.

Classic or gorgeous?

Patek Philippe has maintained its elegance and style over the years due to its timeless design and has become a favorite of watch lovers. However, Swiss watchmakers sometimes venture beyond classic leather straps and round faces to provide something more luxurious and show off. Collectibles such as the Nourilius, Calatrava and major complications either completely or partially placed diamonds on popular materials such as rose gold. In addition to precious gems and metals, there are unique features of the Patek Philippe watches, such as minute hands and exposed skeleton mechanics.

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Patek Philippe Replica Ref. 5712A

After nearly a month’s choice, we finally got this only 5712A. In the long comparison and selection, including the love of the Royal Oak Offshore Color Edition, Rolex Ceramics Di Daytona have appeared in this “entangled” list. And I just want to tell you through this article, why we chose Patek Philippe 5712A.

Patek Philippe Replica Ref. 5712A
Things just come from want to buy a “hard goods.”
Although a lot of high-end watches on the market, from a brand point of view, Swatch, Richemont, LVMH three major groups plus each independent brand, there are too many high-end optional watch. But most of us usually buy watches from the mainstream of several brands to choose. Rolex, Omega, Cartier, all countries, product family, etc., we often get around these watches. However, when we put these conventional models seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight over again, the conventional model is not particularly attractive. We have only one idea in mind, engage in a “hard goods”, the watch market is now what table in the table (in the best of its ability).

In the past period of time, the watch list of the domestic watch market has the following few. Rolex ceramic ring Di Tongna, the Rolex Red Sea, Aike color Royal Oak Offshore, Patek Philippe Nautilus. Fire, it means that the ultra-price. Obviously, these watches are over-priced. And we just want to select one of these super-priced watches in the income pocket, playing on the.

However, this is a very difficult choice. Because every best luxury replica watches is over the price.
Rolex new Scarlet Sea Envoy, Scarlet Letter of the sea heat is slowly declining.
In these watches, we did not consider the sea of ​​letters. Because, based on my limited experience, I feel that the heat of the Scarlet Letter will not last long, although prices have surpassed the regular price just over the very first days of the market, but prices will soon fall back. Sure enough, the market for red letters was between 100,000 and 110,000. Recently, I have seen that the market for the Red Sea has fallen to more than 90,000. Red Sea word for the price should be 80,000 8, we can see, the red sea is slowly fever.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak color new offshore, of which green, white is one of the hot.
Audemars Piguet The new color Royal Oak Offshore is a watch that once plunged us into thinking. Luxury sports watches are world-wide favorites, while Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Offshore is another watch that brings this trend to the pinnacle. At this point, it is precisely the color of offshore heat the highest time period, because of the summer. Not long ago, the color offshore was in a very “tangled” period. The new color offshore is not exactly listed, the store is not on. But it has appeared in the secondary market. Color Offshore size, color ribbons start handbags striking, luxurious fashion and recognition is very high, this season is the most suitable watch. So, stir-fried is inevitable. Color off-shore price is 140,000 9, of which, green, white are over-priced. Quotes about 160,000, about 170,000. We once considered green offshore as the best goal. But the reason why there is no final choice of offshore is that we take into account that in the near future, once the color offshore is on the market, it will appear in the counter of the store, and the market of the watch will soon drop. Now stir-fried freshness, will soon be over-gas, now the price of super-price, will soon become a “loss-making sale.”

Rolex new ceramic ring Di Tongna, the generation of Dayton get white disc heat to more than black.
Very frankly, the reason why we are interested in watches from start to finish, largely due to in and out, keep the circulation. High-end watches more expensive price, as few as 5,6 million, as many as hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands (or even millions). If you can not get in, most people find it hard to maintain. As we all know, Rolex has a very good liquidity. So it’s easy to understand why I use Rolex as the first choice (because I’m poor). Rolex new DiTong ceramic ring we started very early attention, has been watching the watch changes in the market. Since its introduction, ceramic ring Di Tong always super-price, and no signs of heat decline. Di Tongtong ceramic ring price of 95,000 5, but has maintained more than 110,000 market. I heard some places to tie-up, want to buy ceramic ring Di Tongna also want to buy an additional watch. The previous generation of Daytona 116520 is a black plate of black steel Di more popular, this generation of ceramic ring 116500 is more popular white. As Rolex market is very transparent and very stable, as long as the market to buy Rolex, the future will not be a big loss. Seemingly ceramic ring Di Tongna is definitely the best buy. Until Patek Philippe 5712A appeared.

Encounter nautilus is the need for luck.
From a practical point of view, not every Patek Philippe is very tight. Because now the trend of wearing a watch, popular large size, sports watch, not only is Patek Philippe, all the value of classic suits are declining. Although many high-end brand suits table high price, but in the discount, exchange rate, the secondary market under the influence of the actual price has shrunk dramatically. Prices of tens of thousands of tables, the actual price of tens of thousands of examples is very large. Even the basic fire of each model Rolex, only Chillini tepid. This is caused by fashion trends.

Patagonia Hot Nautilus 5712A, the film has not yet torn.
Patek Philippe’s regular model (not a complex model) the hottest table, no doubt the Nautilus. The hottest in Nautilus are 5711A and 5712A. 5711A is the third year, 5712A is the calendar phase storage, Nautilus watches are the two most suitable for everyday wear Patek Philippe. Steel steel chain, luxury sports, high degree of recognition, waterproof solid, stylish wild. At the same time 5712 is the use of 240 pearl Tuo movement, with Patek Philippe imprint, the movement polished beautifully decorated. And Picasso classic thin gold calatrava compared to the Nautilus 5711A, 5712A, a luxury replica watches review can handle all occasions, you can wear wetsuit can also be fitted with a tuxedo, can be static and dynamic. It is also because of these advantages, the steel shell of the 5711A, 5712A, the actual transaction price even higher than the version of the gold shell belt, steel than gold, but also a table hard to find, Patek Philippe store long out of stock, can only wait (In fact, K-5712 K shell is more easily available). So, you need luck to meet 5712A. Fortunately, we met a 5712A. Needless to say the price, the 5712A’s price is 250,000 300, and now the actual price to more than the price. For Patek Philippe 5712A and 5711A, can be bought at the price, is “earned.” Although 5712A we also know that before the market has had 23 million 5, but we also check it yourself, 5712A has not “appeared” for a long time. I myself knew the transaction was also long ago. More expensive than you, like it won. Not to mention this is running “hard goods” to!

Patek Philippe 5712A and accessories

Patek Philippe 5712A used 240 pearl Tuo movement, because the bracelet obscured, not good to take pictures, so I got an official map.
Compared to the previous entangled love-color color offshore, Rolex ceramic ring Di Tongna, Patek Philippe 5712A prices than they are about 100,000. Audemars Piguet color offshore, Rolex ceramic ring Di Tongna although the same hot, but still can buy, but need to add money only. Patek Philippe 5712A is a rare table, is a very difficult to buy the table, rare things. With the steady supply and declining heat, the price of off-shore and Daytona will slowly decline, but in accordance with the supply and demand of Patek Steel Nautilus shell is always wolf fleshy. I suddenly realized that this 5712A is just like an investment, whether it is passed on to the next generation in the future or to the benevolent, which for us will be a “lucrative return.”

Patek Philippe Replica Ref. 5712 Watches

Recently, Patek Philippe 5712 this model, frequently appeared in my field of vision, our forums table friends also sent up several purchase jobs affixed 5712, which makes me believe that 5712 is indeed fiery up. 5712 is a very characteristic watch, in many ways, it is ideal for Patek Philippe enthusiasts initial step advanced, and even many people to buy Patek Philippe’s first watch, since its launch more than ten years, it It has not been iteratively replaced, and even now it seems, it will not be easily replaced afterwards, so it has always been at the forefront of Patek Philippe’s hottest models.

Patek Philippe 5712 / 1A-001

5712 source
We all know that the Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica first introduced in 1976, but in the decades that followed, Nautilus made only a limited variation in material and men’s and women’s styles until 2005, when Patek Philippe introduced model 3712/1 Watch, the first complex watch in the Nautilus collection featuring the Caliber 240 PS IRM C LU self-winding movement with moon phase, calendar and power reserve indication. This watch uses a 38.6 mm case diameter, according to statistics, this watch produced about 500.

Patek Philippe 3712 / 1A

In 2006, a series of updates were made to the Patek Philippe Nautilus Series to celebrate its 30th anniversary. First of all, changing the numbering from 3XXX to 5XXX means the Nautilus series have entered a whole new era. Second, the replacement of old and new, the basic table by 5711/1 and 5712/1 relay, 3712 and 3711 gradually withdraw from the market. Third, the new complex watch, the first nautilus watch 5980/1 advent. These three steps are a milestone for Patek Philippe Nautilus and in my opinion are far more profound than those memorials that Nautilus introduced for the 40th anniversary of 2016. 5712 Compared to the original 3712, they carry the same movement, but in size, 5712 widened to 40 mm.

Two-time Champions League winner Andrea Pirlo is a PP watch fan in addition to 5712 there are several Nautilus watches

Interestingly, when the blue was not so popular at the time, Patek Philippe 5711 and 5712 steel chain models are blue and black disk, the edge is black, the middle is blue, which is a small number of Patek Philippe with a blue dial watch, but also because A touch of blue, lost I do not know how many talented.

5712 a few special features

5712 all the popular, there must be a reason, here we take a look at what has contributed to the 5712 of this hot situation.


It is one of the most important models of the modern Nautilus series. Nautilus series, in the top sports watch, and Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks contention, in addition to no other sports watch can match it (but also because the top brand good sports watch, the choice is limited). So, Nautilus is actually one of the best two sports luxury replica watches for sale you can buy. It is for this reason, 5712 is also very easy to become the focus of attention. As mentioned earlier, the introduction of the modern Nautilus in 2006, the 5712 is one of the models, then the few watches, except for 5800 have become today’s Nautilus series of very popular watch, and has been producing So far, so these models have become today’s most classic nautilus series several models, which almost represent the modern series of nautilus. At the same time, as a member of the Nautilus series, it has a high enough degree of recognition.
It is an interesting, tasteful watch. As previously mentioned, the 5712 is the first modern version of the Nautilus 3712 with its Nocturnal, Calendar and Power Reserve display, so the 5712 is clearly one with respect to the 5711 with no complications Only more interesting watch. Compared with the 5980 chronograph, 5712 is obviously more flavor, because it has the moon phase of this “feeling” function. A good taste of the table, does not require too many useful features, but some seemingly not very practical decoration or function, but people think it kind of feeling about the beauty. In addition, the 5712 is also a few watches inside, the only watch with a mini automatic Tuo, for those who like this movement Friends, this is really wonderful. So, it’s a watch that’s both casual and formal.


It is a table that can be bought. This is very important, 5711 apparently the most popular watch inside the Nautilus, but unfortunately, 5711 can not buy, even two years waiting for the reservation of steel, in the private market, good quality 5711 price even higher than It’s the original price (even approaching the 5712 price), so we think 5711 is a “can not buy” watch. The 5712 is clearly tight but the waiting time is not as long. The gold, though tight, is usually booked for months (and often spotted). From this perspective, “can not buy” the table will become a luxury, and so on can buy the table, naturally more worthy of attention.
July 2016 Antiquorum Hong Kong auction Unopened 5712 / 1A-001 Drop hammer 210,000 Hong Kong dollars (260,000 cents commission)

In 2015, a 5712 / 1A-001 photographed 32,000 US dollars and a total of 248,000 Hong Kong dollars

It is a watch that has a certain value. 5712 and 5711 have a very good hedging, especially the steel, from the immutable law of value, the scarcity of precious, the extreme scarcity of steel, of course, will result in the price soared, good quality goods box Complete license 5712, put on the auction or the secondary market, steel basic no loss, and occasionally able to ultra-price (of course, depends on the specific details, such as mark the difference, before the 5712 is the Geneva Seal, and now are Is Patek Philippe imprint), gold is basically the same as the average price of steel (250,000 -28 million or so). For the best replica watches review, you have enjoyed it after the fun, only such a small economic loss, is an incredible thing.


Its price is more entry. 5712 steel prices in more than 250,000, gold leather strap around 330,000, the two price points, there is a lot of choice, but both leisure and formal table is not much, if you Just want to buy formalwear, you can choose Lange Saxon calendar or Patek Philippe 5146 and 5396, but you want to buy a multi-application, not delicate table, 5712 steel is clearly a very good choice. Also leads to a topic, the price of 250,000, you will choose this 5712 or Rolex 228238 (or 228235)?

240 movement

From the purchase point of view, in the final analysis, buy a table is not rational to choose, if really consider so much, I guess most people will not buy, some people like the Nautilus design, some people like Royal Oak, buy The table is actually pick one of their own aesthetic, happy things, though every table is good, but also less than a “I like.” Why do you still have to go through so much time? I always feel that senior watches as a conservation object, in addition to buy, and the various disputes between the table, from the watch, know the table to play the table, the process is also worth the visit, buy is the process of ownership, Before and after is the process of getting along, this process is full of fun.