Patek Philippe Caliber 89 Complex Pocket Watch Failed To Sell At Geneva Watch Auction

Watches, whether they are designed on the wrist or in their pockets, are incredibly complex and irresistible and therefore very expensive. People often think that among the best products, the best ones are those that sell at a price far higher than the suggested retail price in a store, sell online in a few hours, or shoot a high price at an auction price. . However, the desire, therefore, the perceived value is: the concept that they can change quickly – just like last year confirmed that one of the Patek Philippe 89-caliber large complication pocket watches quietly failed to sell a few days ago on Sotheby’s May 14, 2017 Year, an “important watch” auction in Geneva.

Under normal circumstances, this will not be anything unusual. After all, not all watches can find buyers at auctions, but then again, Patek Philippe 89 (Patémerie 89) is not an ordinary watch, but a watch that previously had countless records. Let’s get familiar with it again, and then discuss why it may not have some details of changing hands.

The Patek Philippe caliber 89 pocket watch made its debut in 1989 to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary. Patek Philippe Replica Watches has produced only 4 caliber 89 watches, one precious metal per watch; gold, platinum, rose gold, and platinum. In the concept of this watch, it is the world’s most complicated watch. In 2015, Vacheron Constantin introduced this watch 57260.

The huge, 88.2-meter-wide gold case of Patek Philippe Replica 89 weighed more than 2 pounds and weighed about 1.1 kilograms, encasing a total of 1728 components, which provided the impetus for 33 complications. They are distributed on two dials and on the side of the box with many push rods and sliders. In addition to “common complications” like a perpetual calendar, the moon phase shows that Grande and Petite Sonnerie of the Tbilisi rotating bodies, and chronographs, caliber 89 also have more unusual complications such as star maps, seconds of the sun’s hands , Easter date (one of the world’s first patents Patek Philippe Dec. 13, 1985) and even a thermometer. It is, of course, still a marvel of fine mechanics.

There is no doubt that this is an incredible watch, destined to always belong to one of the best watches in history – we have established so much. So, what could be going wrong in auctions where other records, including records of Rolex watches, were greatly exceeded, preventing it from successfully auctioning?

Each of the precious metals produced by Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches has a calibre of 89. Obviously, this one is gold, and the other three are white, pink and platinum. This makes it easier to track artwork – even though the auction house always provides a single serial number. When you see the watch with the yellow caliber 89, it is always the same as the watch you see – unless the other watch is discovered miraculously, just like some “very rare” Patek Philippe watches of the past. .

Because of this, Christie shot the watch with a high price of 5.12 million Swiss francs in 2009. Eight years ago, Sotheby’s appraisal of the gold color of Patek Philippe 89 (the Patek Philippe 89) was between 6.5 million and 10 million Swiss francs, which may not be excessive for many people. However, when the time came, the calibre 89 failed to sell, although many other records were set on the same day. The overall buying interest at that time was there, but when the bid was opened for 5.9 million Swiss francs, the market responded flatly. The auctioneer pushed the price up to 50,000 Swiss francs, but the final price reached 6.45 million Swiss francs, slightly lower than the low-end valuation of Sotheby’s 6.5 million Swiss francs.

Interestingly, at the Christie’s auction a year ago, this product was also auctioned, but buyers apparently did not find a quoted price of 11 million US dollars – but it is reported that they are willing to listen to the offer.

In considering the reasons behind this failed sales, some of the factors that need to be considered are as follows. First of all, this part is no longer a record holder. For a long time, the “most complicated” time has come to an end. Second, although it is much more complex than the “super-complex” produced by Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches 60 years ago, the existence of four (without) also takes away some of its relative desirability – the super-complex was and was One-time, non-repeatable effort.

The third (and most importantly, this), although this 89-caliber picture is amazing, there is no doubt that it has been “shopped.” “As we mentioned above, the power of perception is unbelievable when a caliber makes it on the market many times this decade – yes, ten years is a relatively modest time frame in rare cases where it loses Much desire, especially if it fails to overcome its previous records, let alone not to sell.

At this point, investors must trust the investment of these tools. Like real currencies, they also suffer from severe inflation when their availability in the market increases. And the estimated 6.5 to 10 million Swiss francs sounds good, and to some extent the pattern of most “blue chip” works continues to break the record, because this caliber 89 is shopping too much and investors know who will eventually be unable to put it in For a short time in the market if he or she wants.

After its 15-year interruption, Patek Philippe Supercomplication resurfaced under the spotlight (read the incredible story because it just showed the other side of the auction when some allowed whatever they wanted and could not eventually pay for more than a decade ), And in 1999 “sale” was 11,002,500 U.S. dollars. Then, when it reappeared in 2014, its price exceeded US$23,984,106. Now, ask yourself, if this watch is now re-appearing at the auction site, then what will it do to its value? How will this affect its value? Want to know more about this charming but extreme For the idea of ​​an unstable universe, check out Ariel’s 2014 feature article titled 10 things about watch auctions.

So what’s the use of this watch and Fake Patek Philippe Watches caliber 89 pocket watch? From the outside, this watch does not bode well for the watch and the seller. Failure to publicly sell this watch for two consecutive years will undoubtedly affect the appeal of this watch and provide opportunistic buyers with a new opportunity to bid for a watchmaking history. However, as we often hear, time will cure everything and it is very likely that the 89 caliber will set a new record again – just don’t hold your breath.

PATEK PHILIPPE Watches A 2017 Major Exhibition In New York: Why It’s Worth It

Before July 23, 2017, you can participate in a rare and interesting world event of luxury watches held at the large exhibition of the Art of Watches organized by Patek Philippe. For 10 days (July 13 to 23, 2017), Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches invites (not including ticket prices) watch collectors and the public to enter their curatorial world. I personally went there and could easily recommend travel there for anyone who happened to be in the New York area.

Patek Philippe Replica, headquartered in Geneva, condensed the mindset of many people when they imagined “old high-end European luxury brands.” “Stability and conservatism mark most of the brand’s products, but if you look closely, you will find that brands of many brands sometimes look unusually interesting.” Look at Patek Philippe’s watches, or visit a retailer in person. Businesses are all familiar with some of the methods of this important watch manufacturer, but to participate in their exhibitions, you can see the company’s hard to appreciate.

Patek Philippe’s large-scale exhibition is very detailed. It is a proud brand promotion. In many ways, it is one of the wisest marketing strategies of the luxury watch industry that I have personally experienced. The New York version of the Fake Patek Philippe Watches Grand Exhibition was held in several other cities (most recently in London), which was the first time the exhibition was held in the United States. This is a grand show…

Between 10 different rooms, you can travel through an available supporting application or digital audio. You can learn about the brand’s history, achievements, crafts and modern products. Many of the works were borrowed directly from the Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches museum in Geneva (which I highly recommend). The commitment to detail and dedication are obvious and impressive. Patek understood the importance of storytelling and branding early on in order to form a desire for high-end watches.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches seems not only passionate about telling personal stories, but also has done an admirable job for the entire watch industry by explaining the emotional value of all high-end watches. During the event, I praised Thierry Stern and Patek Philippe’s senior management staff and felt that the entire watch industry should thank them for investing in such an exhibition series. Although the main focus of this exhibition is to celebrate the Patek Philippe timepieces, many of the brand’s key advantages can be found in the competitors’ brands and other levels of the watch industry. As a result, Patek Philippe’s large-scale exhibition not only promoted its products well, but also promoted other watches with similar design, architectural and decorative values.

The American version of the exhibition is unusual because it presents a variety of unique or special limited edition watches (wrist watches, pocket watches, and watches). The most creative works can be found in hand-decorated “unique” works, which is an interesting study by French and Swiss craftsmen working with Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe Reference 5089G “Jazz” has a hand painted enamel dial to celebrate this unique form of American music. There is a dial on the 5089G-070 watch with a cowboy on the dial. Patek Philippe 993/103 – 101g – 001 is a pocket watch with a colorful skyline of New York City. The Patek Philippe clock celebrates baseball with a hand-painted glow. For me, it is very interesting to observe how Swiss luxury companies see the United States’ unique contribution to their aesthetic world.

No less than nine limited edition watch exhibitions were launched including speaking pilots looking at 5522-001 and 550000 about $550,000-010 and similar 5531 r-011, combined with a hand-painted New York (day or night) dial, World Time Indicators, One minute repeater two complications became the world’s first to be included in a watch.

The Grand Exhibition, Patek Philippe’s faithfully progressing ideas, it is a great brand origin, a long history and detailed offering with watches, many great Americans, today they continue to manufacture high-end decorative timing tools for our great tradition of the most populous population Elite members. Event organizers also try to get newbies excited about watchmaking itself. A team of several watchmakers and craftsmen demonstrated a variety of artistic techniques, from wood inlays to hand-carved engravings, and public figures have personally experienced how to create beautiful watch art works from the outset.

Patek Philippe apparently invested millions of dollars in designing, organizing and hosting the Art of Watches Grand Exhibition – as well as other existing and future host cities. This happened in the relatively quiet period of most other watch brands, and it actually reduced marketing investment. A careful study of advertising and marketing often shows that brands that invest in exchange during the economic downturn tend to do their best in the long run. If anything, Patek Philippe’s investment is undoubtedly a signal that as a company, they will definitely participate in it for a long time. Whether you buy the slogan, “You never really owned Patek Philippe, you just took care of its next generation.” To be sure, those who run Patek Philippe believe this statement (“You never really owned Patek Philippe, you just kept it down A generation of managers …”) when they are responsible for the brand and its products.

The romantic atmosphere of Patek Philippe’s high-end, traditional luxury watch makes people forget about it. Art of watches Grand Exhibition was held in Cipriani, New York.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5180/1R Skeleton Watch Hands-on

Obviously, the newly introduced Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches Calatrava 5180/1R in 2017 can be described in many ways. The most convenient method is to use the highest level of flattery extensively – after all, it is a full-gold, skeletonized Patek Philippe. I looked at it and didn’t think so much, but more importantly, it was a dinosaur with a watch, a T-rex in Mr. Shake’s gold chain.

I mean, is this watch for anyone? Is it for the elderly? Maybe it’s some bad guys who smoke cigars and retire in Florida. This is a header for the target group and it is hardly worth the effort to observe. Who else? Young people? Do not see rappers or football players swinging like this. It is too thin and too thin to look good on Instagram or poorly lit VIP areas. Is it for Wall Street bankers? Well, if you bought it with freshly-washed Russian gas money, it certainly helps to make a statement – not offending the rest of Dewanstrand.

But really, what are our watch lovers? For us, this is a museum collection – it works very similar to the dinosaurs mentioned earlier. I think that the Patek Philippe Replica Watches Calatrava 5180/1R should be displayed in museums around the world, where people can see it as a fascinating thing in the past, it is so loud and proud to bathe in today’s unrelated Critical and bizarre. To some extent, if it is living in a natural environment, it is the same kind of king, then it will be respected and humble.

Today, although it wears all the clothes it wears at the end of its own evolutionary path, it looks absurd and ridiculous. It is also awe-inspiring and fascinating. I am very happy to have this unforgettable opportunity to watch live, I will always look forward to seeing another in the real world; although deep down I know this will never happen.

If you come here for specifications and flattering, I won’t leave you alone. Patek Philippe Calatrava 5180/1R is a very good dress watch – especially in the sense that even the most naked emperor can wear it. Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches called the 2.53mm thick self-rolling 240mm caliber as “famous” and “ultra-thin” – we believe the latter, not the former. What I mean is that even at the most boring watch party, I can hardly imagine people lining up and lining up. At first glance, “Wow, this is 240 caliber!”

Hand-sculpture is top quality, with your expected 87,000 Swiss francs watch. A great deal of depth is associated with a constant intricacy: it is a hand-made thing that makes things unique and beautiful, rather than an excuse for poor execution. Fake Patek Philippe Watches said that it takes 130 hours to complete the carving work. This is more than 3 weeks of work. Although strictly speaking this is not tabulation, carving represents some tangible and very real added value.

From the perspective of the entire industry, I would like to see artists gaining praise more frequently and more openly, perhaps allowing them to sign works carefully, show them in company exchanges, or whatever. I usually hear about brands saying that when we don’t allow people shooting certain members of production it’s their fear of competitors stealing their labor – but the auto industry seems to have managed to solve these things better, such as signing AMG engine, hidden Signature, and almost certain celebrity status of engineers and designers. American watch enthusiasts are expected to do their best for this prestigious product, and only so, as if these precious things fall from the sky.

The 18k rose gold case itself is only 6.7mm thick and 39mm wide. Over the years, it has added an additional waistline of a few millimeters – just like the Florida “baddie” – because the case was marked by the “golden moment”, which pushes the edge of the case further afield. This method is hidden for 99% of the time, because what we usually see is a narrower sapphire window behind, which helps to disguise the difference in size between the movement and the shell. However, here, there is a 40-year-old age of this sport, and how it is inflated, all in the exhibition, because this 240 was originally designed to match the popular watch of a few decades ago. Who knows that 39 mm can make a person wear a big watch trend? It needs only a 40-year-old sport.

The rose gold, 15-ring bracelet (I counted!) is very flexible and comfortable to wear – it may not look very comfortable. It is actually a gold waterfall around the wrist. So much gold is for gold, which is almost the complexity of art and hand-painting movements. This is a bold show off with 130 hours of highly focused, surgical-grade craft. It’s poetic, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong. The bracelet itself is extremely expensive. Its aesthetic value is staggering. I’m happy to admit that one day I hope I can freely shake out such a complete gold bracelet. (or some other configuration) just because of this.

But with Patek’s help, I just slowly admitted that I was seeing only one side – think about that annoying 5522, that weird, math on the 5976/1G dial The equation, or the incredible size, is ultimately just because of the watch, Master Chime.

In short, the 5180/1R is a watch and I am very happy to see and respect all the watches, just as I like to see and respect Tyrannosaurus in the museum. It is the king of an era that has long since passed away, wearing all the loud, deep, and daunting code that Evolution taught it, drawing fear and humility from its peers – but these codes are irrelevant today, almost ridiculous. Ironically, the 5180/1R and today’s Tyrannosaurus Rex are only regarded as embarrassing.

Patek Philippe Replica Ref. 5712 Watches

Recently, Patek Philippe 5712 this model, frequently appeared in my field of vision, our forums table friends also sent up several purchase jobs affixed 5712, which makes me believe that 5712 is indeed fiery up. 5712 is a very characteristic watch, in many ways, it is ideal for Patek Philippe enthusiasts initial step advanced, and even many people to buy Patek Philippe’s first watch, since its launch more than ten years, it It has not been iteratively replaced, and even now it seems, it will not be easily replaced afterwards, so it has always been at the forefront of Patek Philippe’s hottest models.

Patek Philippe 5712 / 1A-001

5712 source
We all know that the Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica first introduced in 1976, but in the decades that followed, Nautilus made only a limited variation in material and men’s and women’s styles until 2005, when Patek Philippe introduced model 3712/1 Watch, the first complex watch in the Nautilus collection featuring the Caliber 240 PS IRM C LU self-winding movement with moon phase, calendar and power reserve indication. This watch uses a 38.6 mm case diameter, according to statistics, this watch produced about 500.

Patek Philippe 3712 / 1A

In 2006, a series of updates were made to the Patek Philippe Nautilus Series to celebrate its 30th anniversary. First of all, changing the numbering from 3XXX to 5XXX means the Nautilus series have entered a whole new era. Second, the replacement of old and new, the basic table by 5711/1 and 5712/1 relay, 3712 and 3711 gradually withdraw from the market. Third, the new complex watch, the first nautilus watch 5980/1 advent. These three steps are a milestone for Patek Philippe Nautilus and in my opinion are far more profound than those memorials that Nautilus introduced for the 40th anniversary of 2016. 5712 Compared to the original 3712, they carry the same movement, but in size, 5712 widened to 40 mm.

Two-time Champions League winner Andrea Pirlo is a PP watch fan in addition to 5712 there are several Nautilus watches

Interestingly, when the blue was not so popular at the time, Patek Philippe 5711 and 5712 steel chain models are blue and black disk, the edge is black, the middle is blue, which is a small number of Patek Philippe with a blue dial watch, but also because A touch of blue, lost I do not know how many talented.

5712 a few special features

5712 all the popular, there must be a reason, here we take a look at what has contributed to the 5712 of this hot situation.


It is one of the most important models of the modern Nautilus series. Nautilus series, in the top sports watch, and Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks contention, in addition to no other sports watch can match it (but also because the top brand good sports watch, the choice is limited). So, Nautilus is actually one of the best two sports luxury replica watches for sale you can buy. It is for this reason, 5712 is also very easy to become the focus of attention. As mentioned earlier, the introduction of the modern Nautilus in 2006, the 5712 is one of the models, then the few watches, except for 5800 have become today’s Nautilus series of very popular watch, and has been producing So far, so these models have become today’s most classic nautilus series several models, which almost represent the modern series of nautilus. At the same time, as a member of the Nautilus series, it has a high enough degree of recognition.
It is an interesting, tasteful watch. As previously mentioned, the 5712 is the first modern version of the Nautilus 3712 with its Nocturnal, Calendar and Power Reserve display, so the 5712 is clearly one with respect to the 5711 with no complications Only more interesting watch. Compared with the 5980 chronograph, 5712 is obviously more flavor, because it has the moon phase of this “feeling” function. A good taste of the table, does not require too many useful features, but some seemingly not very practical decoration or function, but people think it kind of feeling about the beauty. In addition, the 5712 is also a few watches inside, the only watch with a mini automatic Tuo, for those who like this movement Friends, this is really wonderful. So, it’s a watch that’s both casual and formal.


It is a table that can be bought. This is very important, 5711 apparently the most popular watch inside the Nautilus, but unfortunately, 5711 can not buy, even two years waiting for the reservation of steel, in the private market, good quality 5711 price even higher than It’s the original price (even approaching the 5712 price), so we think 5711 is a “can not buy” watch. The 5712 is clearly tight but the waiting time is not as long. The gold, though tight, is usually booked for months (and often spotted). From this perspective, “can not buy” the table will become a luxury, and so on can buy the table, naturally more worthy of attention.
July 2016 Antiquorum Hong Kong auction Unopened 5712 / 1A-001 Drop hammer 210,000 Hong Kong dollars (260,000 cents commission)

In 2015, a 5712 / 1A-001 photographed 32,000 US dollars and a total of 248,000 Hong Kong dollars

It is a watch that has a certain value. 5712 and 5711 have a very good hedging, especially the steel, from the immutable law of value, the scarcity of precious, the extreme scarcity of steel, of course, will result in the price soared, good quality goods box Complete license 5712, put on the auction or the secondary market, steel basic no loss, and occasionally able to ultra-price (of course, depends on the specific details, such as mark the difference, before the 5712 is the Geneva Seal, and now are Is Patek Philippe imprint), gold is basically the same as the average price of steel (250,000 -28 million or so). For the best replica watches review, you have enjoyed it after the fun, only such a small economic loss, is an incredible thing.


Its price is more entry. 5712 steel prices in more than 250,000, gold leather strap around 330,000, the two price points, there is a lot of choice, but both leisure and formal table is not much, if you Just want to buy formalwear, you can choose Lange Saxon calendar or Patek Philippe 5146 and 5396, but you want to buy a multi-application, not delicate table, 5712 steel is clearly a very good choice. Also leads to a topic, the price of 250,000, you will choose this 5712 or Rolex 228238 (or 228235)?

240 movement

From the purchase point of view, in the final analysis, buy a table is not rational to choose, if really consider so much, I guess most people will not buy, some people like the Nautilus design, some people like Royal Oak, buy The table is actually pick one of their own aesthetic, happy things, though every table is good, but also less than a “I like.” Why do you still have to go through so much time? I always feel that senior watches as a conservation object, in addition to buy, and the various disputes between the table, from the watch, know the table to play the table, the process is also worth the visit, buy is the process of ownership, Before and after is the process of getting along, this process is full of fun.