Patek Philippe 5990/ 1a (5990) Nautilus Steel Watch Hands

I scream, you scream, we all scream for steel! Even an ordinary watch enthusiast may realize the importance of a world of Basel, where Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches introduces two new complexities Steel watch. We are here to show you the new 5960 calendar chronograph, but now it’s time to take a look at my favorite pair of new duo from Patek, 5990 Nautilus. Combining the timing capabilities of the 5980 with the dual time zone complexity of the 5164A Aquanaut, the 5990 offers two sports complications in one attractive and versatile package from one of the largest watchmakers.

The 5990 is still based on the Novorius’ famous 40.5 mm iconic shell design, which uses every detail of its unique shape to enhance the complex user interface. Of course, the chronograph relies on standard pushers, the sides of which are screw-on buckles, but the buttons that push or retract the dual time zone function are integrated into the left side of the box.

The impact of the Norius is actually two buttons. Each time the button is pressed, the traveler jumps up, can be easily set to the local time of the destination, or simply hides under the main hour hand when it is not necessary to track the second time zone.

In addition to easy-to-use controls and unique hand-crafted design, you can get day and night indications in different time zones and a 12-point date display. The 60-minute accumulator of the chronograph is placed on the 6th, and the dial improves the clarity of all displays, more balanced than the complex watch you imagine. The edge of the dial itself is black, but fades into a warm gray tone at the center. The dial features white gold markings and horizontal stripes for a perfect blend of Nautilus’ multi-layer case design.

The Nautilus steel bracelet is one of the most impressive bracelets I have ever seen. The perfect combination of polished edges, brushed edges and polished mirror center links, the perfect combination of bracelet and outer casing, truly completes the 5990 steel aesthetic. Beautiful conical to its folding buckle, although I really like the Aquanaut on the Petek composite strap, but the 5990 just looks amazing on its bracelet.

Combining two complexities with a new caliber, the 5990 runs in Patek Philippe Replica Watches new CH 28-520 C FUS automatic movement. With 34 gems, 370 components and a 55-hour power reserve, this new calibre has a column wheel and a disc clutch for timing and a gyro balance. Running 4Hz, CH 28-520 C FUS can see that the cartridge 5990 through the sapphire.

All of the above elements appear in a very attractive package with a unique wrist (considering it is a Patek phone). Thanks to the size of the case and the design of the bracelet, its comfort is very good, you will never forget that you are wearing a Fake Patek Philippe Watches, not to mention a steel Nautilus watch. If you read this article and feel that you prefer the 5980s, it is time to call the dealer because the 5990 will replace the 5980 and end its eight-year production.

The 5990 has both a timekeeping function and a dual timing function. The practicality and versatility of this watch is the same on the $57,300 watch. Still, the price is not surprising, the 5990 will almost certainly be a very popular watch for Patek in the coming years, and it is likely to become the holy grail of many watch lovers. 5990, and its other new brother, the 5960, show that Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches is serious about their steel products, although we expect the supply of these two new watches to be very limited, but it is willing to produce truly mass market and An attractive watch for lovers.

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