Two Beautiful Women With Cutouts: Patek Philippe’s “Artwork” 5180/1 And IWC IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Mystère Squelette Watch

IWC and Patek Philippe are known for creating high quality, high quality watches. Although they are not known for their highly decorative watches, at least on the face. On the contrary, most IWC and Patek Philippe Replica Watches are conservative and classic, but very good. These watches represent the extremes of the brand and are therefore limited editions. I hope that you can compare the different types of engraving of the watch. The IWC is done by the wonderful Jochen Benzinger, and the other (perhaps internal) process used by Patek Philippe is more like an arabesque.

Patek Philippe Replica 5180 and 5181 (using two different metals) are part of the Patek Philippe art collection. The watch is beautifully designed. This 39mm wide watch includes Patek Philippe’s own Calibre 240 automatic movement with a mini rotor. Why is the mini rotor? Because it can better observe movement, this is why they were developed. This action is very basic, just time, but you don’t even know how cute it looks. Just like the best openwork watch, you can see it through a double sapphire crystal window (slightly blue tones). Very beautiful watch, you can be sure that in this case mostly gold and bracelets.

You can say that the level of detail in IWC decoration is higher than Fake Patek Philippe Watches. You are right, but they will have different styles. 150 IWC Portuguese Tourbillon MystèreSquelette watch (50 inches in platinum, 50 pounds in rose gold, 50 inches in platinum) will (or ever) be presented to Jochen Benzinger, whose shop carefully crafts every watch, especially the “engine tuner”. The 44 mm Portuguese case is kept clean and sturdy, and the Benzinger works on a movement per square millimeter with impressive detail and attention. These decorations seem to constitute a flying tourbillon, as well as a small dial with a date and a second. Turn the watch over and you will notice a typical Benzinger style decorative rotor. The IWC logo is easy to apply to the gold part of the rotor.

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