Patek Philippe Caliber 89 gold luxury replica watches

Sotheby’s has just announced the availability of a Patek Philippe Caliber Replica 89 pocket watch on May 14, 2017, at the auction of Important Watches in Geneva. In 1989, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand, Patek Philippe designed to create the Caliber 89 pocket watch, Caliber 89 pocket watch is released when the world’s most complex timepieces. Caliber 89 pocket watch production is only four, of which rose gold, platinum and platinum models only until nine years after the completion of this time Sotheby’s auction this is the first one to complete the gold models.

In terms of complexity, the Caliber 89 pocket watch goes beyond the Henry Graves super-complex pocket watch, which was tailor-made by Patek Philippe for banker Henry Graves and completed in 1933. In 2014, the Henry Graves supercomplicated pocket watch appeared on the Sotheby’s auction, eventually closing at $ 24 million and still retains the highest auction price for all types of timepieces. The Henry Graves Super Complications pocket watch has 24 complications and the Caliber 89 pocket replica watches swiss has 33 items.

Caliber 89 Gold Pocket Diameter 88.2 mm, thickness 41.07 mm, weight 1.1 kg, complex features including calendar, double chase timing, several astronomical displays (including star map), sunrise and sunset display, time equation, Display, and Easter date display and more.

Prior to that, the Caliber 89 Pocket Watch appeared in 2009 or 2009, when the pocket watch was auctioned at Antiquorum for $ 5,042,000. The precious luxury replica watches review auction in Geneva, Sotheby’s on this Caliber 89 pocket watch valued at 6.4 million to 9.9 million US dollars. From March 14 to March 18 and March 31 to April 4, the pocket watch will be on display in Dubai and Hong Kong respectively.

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