High Quatily Patek Philippe World Time Ref. 5231J Replica Watch Review

Patek Philippe World Time Ref. 5231J is a high quatily replica watch art. The cloisonne enamel flat ball in the center of the dial. Cloisonne is one of the four enamel techniques used by Patek Philippe replica watches. The process involves taking a thin gold wire and bending it into the shape of the desired design. The wires are then fixed to the substrate coated with an enamel layer. After the cells formed by the wires are filled with enamel, the process will involve multiple firings, depending on the specific color and effect they want to achieve.

Along the outer ring of the luxury replica watch dial are the names of 24 cities, each of which represents a time zone. At the 10 o’clock position, you will see the button pusher, which moves the time forward by one hour when engaged, as well as the city ring and the 24-hour ring. The red arrow at 12 o’clock will point to the city corresponding to your time zone. Of course, you cannot get the accuracy of the second time zone indicator, which can allow 30 or 45 minutes, but the ease and elegance of operation here is world-class.

The 5231J best replica watches uses a caliber 240 HU. Among 239 parts (including a 22k gold rotor), the 240 HU has a power reserve of 48 hours. What is really worth noting about 240 HU is that its thickness is only 3.88 mm, which is very thin. This is possible through the patented design that makes the winding rotor and bridge integration possible.

The enamel center depicts Europe, Africa and America with a series of greens (brown and yellow, blue for water). When you observe the close-up in person, it is definitely a work of art. Starting from the center of the AAA replica watch’s enamel dial are 18k gold circular hour hands and hazel minute hands. As you might guess, in such a rich enamel background, the short and polished gold hands hinder readability.