AAA New Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Sonnerie Replica Watch

The just-released Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Sonnerie AAA replica watch is a masterpiece of ingenious design, with a magnificent and petite Sonnerie timing mechanism, as well as a minute repeater device and a new patented jumping seconds second hand. The new cheap replica watch is a “derivative” of the Calibre 300 found in the behemoth Grandmaster Chime 6300G. 6301P is refined with a platinum case with an extraordinary size design. It is a special replica watch with extremely rare complexity.

Obviously, watch design tends to be skilful, which is a typical decision inherent in Patek Philippe replica watches and also emphasizes the importance of this piece. Measuring 44.8 mm wide and 12 mm thick, this is a very slim product, tilted to the invisibility provided by the platinum case. Except for the button on the crown, the slide switch at 6 o’clock and the diamonds inlaid on all Platinum Pateks, there are very few trivial decorations here. The same is true for the watch dial, which is rich in black enamel, painted with Breguet white gold numbers, 18k gold dial and white gold leaf-shaped hands. A tweet mechanism was issued to inform the time in the dark.

This new luxury replica watch has a new hand-wound movement consisting of 703 parts and is therefore very complicated, even though the movement itself is only 37 mm wide and 7.5 mm thick. The movement runs at 25,200 vph and can provide a 72-hour power reserve for the fake watch and a 24-hour power reserve for strikes. Therefore, when the 6301P Grand Sonnerie is fully tightened, it will sound throughout the day and a quarter of an hour for 24 hours.